ehuddle 2017 Video: Patty Crouch

Patty Crouch, who has served as a Volunteer Lay Pastor for years, speaks on the development of the Perry Church located in a community of 7,000 in Florida and how church planting helped revive this 60-year-old church. She says the need to replant the church was not physical, but because of the cracks in the hearts of the members and how the attitudes of a few members can sour the communities reception to an entire church. Sometimes it is necessary to completely uproot a church to restore the bad reputation tied to a building. This was the case for Perry Church. She says that a church must be a safe space and that members of the community should only be presented that space when it is safe. Church members have to fall in love with each other first and to create a family so that they are able to show community members what it is like to have a surrogate family that loves and cares. A prospering church prays, mentors, loves, and asks for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the people they meet.



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