North American Division Evangelism & Church Planting
by Jose Cortes Jr.

There are thousands of people groups all over the North America Division (NAD) who don’t have an Adventist Church. In fact, for the Adventist message to be accessible we need at least one Adventist church for every 25,000 people. With a population of over 354 million people, we need more than 14,000 Adventist Churches to ensure that everyone has access to the hope and wholeness found in Jesus. Presently there are only 6,277 churches and companies in our territory, which means we really should double the number of churches to make compassion available to all. That is a huge task and all of our resources must be in alignment to make it happen.

In a bold step toward that goal, the leaders of the NAD, in collaboration with the leaders of our Unions, Conferences, and local Churches are praying and working to plant 1,000 new community Adventist Churches in the next five years (2016-2021). That comes to about 200 new church plants per year across North America.

Your offering today will help to support each of these 1,000 new church plants with $10,000 seed money for each. Your contribution can help make it possible for new families of Adventist believers to proclaim the salvation of God, practice the compassion of Jesus, and bring the eternal kingdom of grace into communities everywhere, as we await Christ’s Second Coming.

Consider a partnership with God and help plant 1,000 Adventist community churches for unreached people all over North America. Your gift makes a difference not just for now but forever.

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