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The North American Division has voted financial support for 200 church plants annually. A total of $10,000 will be provided for new church plants submitted by local conferences—three every year from conferences with less than 15,000 members, and four for conferences with more than 15,000 members. These funds are the result of the financial participation of the General Conference, North American Division, Unions, Conferences, and some donors. This is a great first step, demonstrating that what is valued is funded.

The applications for receiving these funds will come to the North American Division, through the Conferences and Unions, and the initial deadline for the 2019 funding is May 1, 2019. Funding will be available for each Conference till this deadline. If your Conference has not submitted their application by this date, the unclaimed funds will be allocated to other Church Plants across the Division on a first come, first served basis.

Pastor and Local Churches looking to get PLANT1000 Funding must submit their plans to the Conference. The Conference will select the three or four projects, which will be recipient of the funding. Once that has been done, the Conference will submit those projects through the Global Mission/Church Planting software.


Steps for Submitting an Application for NAD Church Plants/Global Mission Projects on the online Database (Application is ONLY to be submitted by Conference and Union Global Mission/Church Planting Directors or Coordinators, once the Conference has selected the projects to fund)

A. Opening the Database 

1.Open your internet browser and go to

2.Type in your Email Address and Password and then Submit to open the database.
[Your access to the database will have been previously authorized by the Union GM
Coordinator and sent to your email address. Click on the validation Link to complete.]

3.Click on Global Mission to gain access to the projects under your control and then select GM Projects. (Union Coordinators need to select the Mission in which the project is to

4.To start a new project Click on +NEW and begin to enter information.

B. Identifying the Project 

1.Type in the yellow boxes the Name/Title of the project, the Country in which it operates,
the Starting Year, the duration of the project and the People Group that it targets. Also the Location of the project (Country, Province, State, City, Region) and the Project Director’s Name and contact details (email address and/or phone)

2.Identify the projects location using the Geolocation Map.

3.In the next section, type in a Description of the Global Mission project and the strategy
that will be used to achieve an Adventist presence. (Follow the guidelines provided for
describing the project).

** Be sure to click the green Accept button (in upper right) to save your work **

C. Details for Current Year 

1.Click on the green “Change Year” button, and Choose “EDIT”.

2.Fill in the Yellow boxes with information required. (Year, Adventist presence, number of
pioneers, Population, etc)

** Click the green Accept button to save the record or the red X Cancel button to delete it**
Note: The white boxes will be completed with Church Growth data when reporting later after the project has started and before the next year’s funding request. 

3.In the Financial Summary section, click on the Fund icon. It will open up another screen where you can enter the funding amounts from the four entities (Conference, Union, NAD, and GC. There is also a place for your local church to enter an amount, but that is optional.) Highlight your conference and then click on the Edit button on the top right. Enter the amount in any box and it will auto-fill in all 3 boxes. Click on the green Accept button to save the information. In the same manner, highlight the other entities one at a time to enter their funding. This year, the NAD and GC are funding $2,500 each and we are asking the Union and Conference to fund at least $2,500 each, which will total $10,000 per project.

4.Now click on the Budget icon and enter your Budget details for your project. Make sure that the budget matches the same amount as your funding. The Budget gives you the option to add a description for each budget item. Click on the green Accept button to save the information.

Note: Once the project is approved, you will have the ability to type in the Actual Expense for each Budget item when reporting at the end of the year.
Once all of the information is typed onto the application, you may produce a Report (by clicking on “REPORT”) and printout it out or save it as a PDF to your local computer.

D. Approving & Submitting Project 

1. When your GM Committee has approved the project, you may submit it to the next higher organization for review and approval. To do so, click on the Blue SUBMIT button to the Right. 2. It is mandatory that you enter the Committee approving the project, the Action Number and the Date the meeting was held. You may also type a small message in the box for the next committee to consider. Now click in the box, I agree to Submit. An email is automatically sent to the Data Manager of the higher organization notifying them that the project is ready for their action.

Your application is now complete and will be processed by the Union, Division and GC. You will receive an email when it is fully approved.