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Church Planters BootCamp

Registration is now open for the North American Division Church Planters BootCamp.

This three-day experience has been designed and created exclusively for Church Planters, Pastors, Volunteer Lay Pastors, Church Planting Core Teams, and Conference/Union Leaders currently involved in church planting or planning to plant a church between now and 2022.

The benefits of attending include: practical teaching on how to plant a church from our best church planters in North America, networking opportunities and experiential learning with other practitioners who are traveling the same journey, and in-depth, direct information on funding initiatives which can help church planters navigate the first few years of a new missional congregation.

The following nine Equipping Tracks will be offered during the BootCamp:

-English Track for first time participants

-English Advanced Track for those who already attended the Church Planters BootCamp

-Español para participantes que asisten por primera vez

-Español Avanzado para participantes que han asistido al BootCamp anteriormente