Church Planters BootCamps 2020

Registration is now open for the North American Division Church Planters BootCamp East!

It will take place in beautiful Camp Kulaqua, from March 5 to 8, 2020 with the participation of hundreds of church planters from across our Division and beyond.

The second NAD Church Planters BootCamp West will take place in Pine Springs Ranch, California, from November 12 -15, 2020. Registration for Church Planters Boot Camp West will launch in August, 2020.

These three day experiences have been designed and created exclusively for Church Planters, Pastors, Volunteer Lay Pastors, Church Planting Core Teams, and Conference/Union Leaders currently involved in church planting or planning to plant a church between now and 2020.

The benefits of attending include: practical teaching on how to plant a church from our best church planters in North America, networking opportunities and experiential learning with other practitioners who are traveling the same journey, and in-depth, direct information on funding initiatives which can help church planters navigate the first few years of a new missional congregation.

The following nine Equipping Tracks will be offered during the BootCamp East:

-English Track for first time participants

-English Advanced Track for those who already attended the Church Planters BootCamp

-Español para participantes que asisten por primera vez

-Español Avanzado para participantes que han asistido al BootCamp anteriormente